Hi,My name is Bartek Krzyszton JAWS (in Poland known as Szczęki. I was born in Cracow, Poland. I'm a professional mountainbike freerider. Currently I'm sponsored by NS Bikes, Alpinestars, Mbike.pl and Deathproof Clothing.



29 gru 2013

December Shred - Jaws

Every year we used to get a snow falls in December. But this year December weather is unusual. It's the end of a year and trail conditions are still very good. Few weeks ago I traveled to Kielce, Telegraf Mountain to ride in this climate forest. This is my last video edit from this year.
See you all in 2014!! Happy New Year!
Video by Majuvideo

20 lis 2013

Urban Freeride Is Not Dead

As the young kid I used to watch JIB and Ride to the Hills movies. Those movies inspired me to ride a bike and especially in a town. I started to do a stair gaps, and dropping off of walls. Since I've started my adventure with freeriding urban freeride was always somewhere. It was a great variety from usual riding on the trails. Urban freeriding is challenging and creative. Good ol' urban freeride!

Video by sheiffa

Urban Freeride Is Not Dead - Jaws on Pinkbike

14 paź 2013


My new video edit by flairmotion is coming soon! We've been working on that video for 2 days with Sony fs700 camera and it's going to be stunnig, we hope so!

4 paź 2013

SEZON Official Trailer

We've been shoting to this video about week ago, here is a small taste.."SEZON" official trailer.
Premiere 21.11.2013
Movie by Gzela

SEZON - Trailer from Kuba Gzela on Vimeo.